Day 66 Topic 1. Other social media: social, media, other, use, network.

Have you read 99 Days of Freedom: Who Goes Back Early? This is the first Day 66 Topic: Other social media: social, media, other, use, network.

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Responses to this topic evidence mixed experiences.

Some of the responses describe filling the time previously spent on Facebook by instead using other social media:

“Sadly, on other sites!”

“My family and I reside in different places, and Facebook is our primary code of contact. I have utilized other social media outlets for connection, and of course, email.”

However, some responses include more reflective considerations about the role of social media as well as both individual and collective engagement with and through it:

“Better use of social media, detox and a bit more happy:)”

“I hate trends (social networks trends). Being out of them makes me feel different, wiser. I create my owm self-esteem, free and independent of “likeses” [sic]. ”

“consider people for who they are and noy [not] for the mask that they weAr on social network [sic].”

This topic predicts increased likelihood of reversion. These respondents are not likely rejecting Facebook but rather trying to negotiate an acceptable level and style of use, both for themselves and for their social connections. Reversion, in this case, may represent a successful accomplishment of such renegotiation.

What is the best substitute for Facebook in your mind? Or what is the primary social media platform you use? Feel free to leave us a comment.



Baumer, E.P.S., Guha, S., Quan, E., Mimno, D., & Gay, G. (2015). How Non-use Experiences Influence the Likelihood of Social Media Reversion: Perceived Addiction, Boundary Negotiation, Subjective Mood, and Social Connections. Social Media + Society.

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