Facebook Non-use | FB Leaving Stories

This research contributes to and expands on the previous limited work on technology non-use, deepening our conceptualizations both of non-use and of “the user” in sociotechnical systems. Furthermore, this work offers non-use as a potentially transformative lens through which to examine long-standing issues of privacy and groups in technologically-mediated systems.


Political Text Analysis

This project involves the design, implementation, and evaluation of tools that incorporate computational analysis techniques to support frame reflection into the processes of online political engagement. This work involves both the application of existing analytic methods and the development of novel computational techniques, as well as evaluation in two real-world settings: in public deliberative forums and with readers of political blogs.



An Interactive New Media Installation

What do your personal data look like? This project will create DataLight, an interactive new media installation to provide people with an intuitive, visceral understanding of their own personal data. Users’ data will be collected and analyzed, and the results will be projected onto a set of WiFi-controlled smart lights. The result will be an innovative artifact bringing together technology and art to create a resource that any organization could use to explore novel ways to visualize and interact with data. It will be displayed at a variety of public venues, on Lehigh’s campus, and elsewhere in the Lehigh Valley and beyond.

Other Ongoing Projects:

Autism Parent Blogs