Day 33 Topic 3. Missed content: friends, pictures, miss, photos, family.

Previously 99 Days of Freedom: Who Goes Back Early? presented different topics occurred in the participants’ responses to surveys.

Here is the third Day 33 topic Missed content: friends, pictures, miss, photos, family.

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Representative responses come mostly from the question about what people miss about Facebook. Respondents describe missing not only the photos themselves but also what those photos connote: inside jokes, familial bonds, personal identity, and so on:

“I missed my smart friends and their posts, I missed my inspiring friends and their uplifting words and photos.”

“I miss seeing some of the family pictures posted, especially those that others post of my Grandson.”

“I miss seeing photos that friends and family are posting. My brother rarely shares photos of my infant niece in places other than FB.”

Surprisingly, this topic was associated with decreased likelihood of reversion. We suggest two possibilities. First, family members may be viewing photos via other routes, for example, the respondent may see the photos via another family member who has a Facebook account. Second, these may be friends with whom the respondent has regular offline contact, as well, and thus leaving Facebook simply means the loss of a single medium rather than a loss of the social tie entirely.

Do the two possibilities we suggested make sense to you? Can you come up with any other possibilities? Feel free to leave us a comment.



Baumer, E.P.S., Guha, S., Quan, E., Mimno, D., & Gay, G. (2015). How Non-use Experiences Influence the Likelihood of Social Media Reversion: Perceived Addiction, Boundary Negotiation, Subjective Mood, and Social Connections. Social Media + Society.

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