Day 33 Topic 1. Withdrawal: first, felt, days, day, check.

As we talked in the previous blog 99 Days of Freedom: Who Goes Back Early? the first topic of Day 33 Topics is Withdrawal: first, felt, days, day, check.

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Responses for this topic often described one initial set of experiences, generally negative, sometimes followed by a different set of experiences, often positive. Many of these responses discuss habit, perceived addiction, withdrawal, and so on:

“In the first 10 days, I thought about Facebook a lot. Whenever I opened up a browser, my fingers would automatically go to ‘f’. On day 9, I had a dream about accidentally logging in to Facebook—which showed that I was consciously thinking about it.”

“I was experiencing withdrawal and felt socially disconnected. The impluse to check FB was very strong, especially when I was feeling low. I caved in after about a week, and began checking FB a few times a day for about a week. But then I decided to quit FB again, which again only last 2-3 days. For the past 4 days I have been checking FB once-twice a day, spending around 5 min per day in total.”

Respondents who described such initial withdrawal-like experiences, even if eventually overcome, were more likely to return to Facebook.

Have you ever felt a strong urge to check Facebook all the time? Feel free to leave us a comment.



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